Brainwashing and isolationism, sex and demons, blood and fear, Bible prophecy, mankind’s impending demise and the forbidden fruit…

 Are we living in the time of the end?

Seven men in Brooklyn hold and own the minds, and the very lives, of over two million meek sheep- like followers. And they want YOU too!

Are they a cult? Maybe. There is a lot you don’t know about those polite well-dressed door-knockers who overrun your neighborhood on Saturday mornings.

They are a billion-dollar organization run by seven powerful men sitting in a symbolic tower overlooking the East River and downtown Manhattan. Their name in lights can be seen by millions, in one of the busiest and most heavily populated areas in the world. 


 Learn more. Be prepared. Be able to respond knowledgably. 

Finally learn the real truth about the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

 True Tales From the Kingdom Hall –

 the Armageddon Project

You know them as those polite and well-dressed folks who knock on your door on Saturday mornings. You’ve seen them park on your street, emerge from their vehicles carrying bookbags and briefcases, and casually stroll up and down your sidewalks.

They leave their literature in Laundromats, at airports, in bus and train stations, in theaters, in hotel lobbies, restaurants, even in public bathrooms. They set up stalls on the sidewalk in the cities and the suburbs, at the flea market, even at the mall.

They stand on busy street corners for hours on end, waving around their signature magazines, the Watchtower and Awake! 

They are members of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, more commonly known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

If you strike up a conversation, they will offer to study the Bible with you, to educate you in the ways of Jehovah’s kingdom. They will invite you to the local Kingdom Hall, their version of church, for the weekly Sunday talk. They will attempt to convert you, to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so that you may be saved.

Yes, saved. Saved from what?

Why, from the end of this wicked system of things, of course. Did you not know that Armageddon is coming? And that only those faithful followers of Jehovah will survive Armageddon and be ushered into this righteous new system, this utopic Biblical paradise? Yes, right here on Earth. 

Those who do not heed the word, those who ignore the call, those who reject Jehovah? Very simple, all those poor folks will be destroyed at Armageddon. Their words…

Become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Why or why not?

They promise the ultimate in good clean fellowship. They promise peace, love and understanding within their tightly-knit community. Here and now, they offer righteous camaraderie and solidarity. They worship three times weekly, five hours total, and they voluntarily walk the streets to spread the good news of Jehovah’s Kindgom. The good news that Armageddon is just around the corner… They are a very religious and highly faithful group of people.

Great company to be among!

There is no wrongdoing amongst the ranks, no misconduct, no one breaks the law. There is no cussing, no drunkenness or gluttony, no gambling. There is no thievery or cheating. There is no aspiration to worldly success; money is nothing but a necessary means to survival. There is no generation gap, no ill-behaved children or delinquent teenagers. There is no philandering, no sexual deviation, no divorce. And while all that may sound great, there is not much in the way of personal freedom, either.

And because Jehovah their God is one exacting exclusive devotion, there can be no tolerance of any other beliefs. All other religions, be they Christian, Judaic, or Islamic, are considered false religion, what they refer to as Babylon the Great, and their leaders are considered to be liars. As an offshoot of this extreme devotion to Jehovah, members are forbidden to celebrate or observe holidays of any kind, even one’s own birthday.

These restrictions are but a small price to pay. Why? Because there is a great reward. Jehovah’s faithful followers will be rewarded for all their sacrifice, to be sure.

They promise, yes, promise, an end to crime, disease, poverty, sickness and death. Yes, they do promise an end to death; they promise to their faithful followers undisturbed everlasting life in a pure and serene Earthly paradise. No heaven, no hell, no afterlife. Just the earthly utopia where Jehovah’s people, after they survive Armageddon, will dwell peacefully and happily together, forever.

Life everlasting in Jehovah’s new system of things

Does all this sound too good to be true? To fantastic to make any sense? Too unscientific to have any merit? Does it sound like these nice, meek, polite, well-dressed men, women, and children might have gotten themselves involved in a cult?

What happens when one joins this organization? What happens when one attempts to leave this organization? What happens when one actually succeeds in leaving this organization?

What happens to those who are born into it? Are they lifers? Are they held captive, mentally if not physically? If they do break away, how do they adjust to life in the real world, a life they have been literally shielded from since birth?

Find the answers to these questions from two men who were there! Two guys from Trenton, born and raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

True Tales From the Kingdom Hall - the Armageddon Project 

If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you are studying to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you are a former Jehovah’s Witness, and/or if you know anyone at all who is involved in any way with the Watchtower Society, I guarantee this e-book will be both valuable and entertaining. I guarantee it will both fascinate you and disturb you.

Learn about two boys who were raised in the organization from infancy, with no concrete knowledge of the real world that existed all around them. Learn about two men who escaped, an escape that nearly cost them their sanity. Learn about the aftermath these two men had to endure, how they survived as unequivocal strangers in a strange land, learning to live their lives as they went along.

Their extensive Dialogue chapter will leave you astonished and astounded, even overwhelmed. It is a hauntingly disturbing narrative, a lengthy epistle of swapped stories, childhood memories, confessions, and rants. The naked truth, as memories resurfaced continuously during a four-month period, in an ongoing e-mail conversation.

Learn more about this strange and unusually powerful organization.

Here are some questions that will be answered:

  • What happened in 1914? What is their rendition of Armageddon? 
  • Do they believe in God, in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit? Do they believe in the Devil
  • Do they recognize the Bible as the word of God?
  • Why did a large portion of the membership leave the organization in 1976
  • What happened to kids and teens (who were members by default of being born into this religion) during the years leading up to 1975?
  • Why do they forbid members to accept blood transfusions, and allow members (including children) who need blood transfusions to die
  • Why are members forbidden to participate in military service, and why are they forbidden to vote in elections? Why is it against their rules to be patriotic?
  • What does it mean to be disfellowshipped?
  • Why do they consider themselves to be no part of this world?
  • Did they really rewrite parts of the Bible to conform to their own belief system?
  • Are they brainwashed? Are they unwitting cult members? Are they just self-righteous snobs who simply don’t know any better?
  • Who/what is this all-powerful Governing Body, those seven men in Brooklyn who exercise iron-fisted authority and control over the entire organization, those seven men who claim to have a direct pipeline to God?
  • Who are the 144,000? Who is the Little Flock? Who are the Other Sheep

Wait. Back up… rewrite the Bible? Did you say rewrite the Bible… to suit their beliefs?

That would be correct. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society released it’s very own Bible, their own interpretation of the Bible, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, in 1961.

 And that is not all!

 Learn more about – 

  • Founder Charles Taze Russell.
  • The Watchtower’s history – 1879 to the present day.     
  • Their early connection to Freemasonry and Seventh Day Adventism.
  • Their popular beliefs. And their incredibly unpopular beliefs.
  • Armageddon.
  • 1975.   
  • Kingdom melodies.
  • Committing apostasy.
  • Brainwashing and cultism in general.
  • And of course, their language…

The Watchtower Society has their own language. Our extensive glossary will help you to understand the lingo and terminology spoken by the group.

Who should read this e-book? 

If you are considering joining this group to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses, this e-book is a must. As part of the normal research before joining any organization, religion, club, or group, this account will provide you with much-needed factual information. Don’t believe everything you read or hear, but instead do your own homework and research, and know what you are getting into.

If you are currently one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, much of what we have written will resonate with you. You will see yourselves in this story, like it or not. You are no doubt experiencing similar events, and no doubt believe that all is normal. You are also likely forbidden from reading such material as this, even forbidden from viewing this website, so the choice is yours. We invite you to learn something, to find some real truth, and weigh what we have to say with you have been and are being told. Learn that 1975 really did happen, from those of us who were actually there, and still possess written proof. Remain one of Jehovah’s Witnesses if you want, but at least have the tools to make your own educated and informed decision. This is not a collection of apostate spewings of venom and hatred, but rather a chronicled documentary from people who were at one time members themselves. Factual. Accurate. The Truth.  

If you are one of many former Jehovah’s Witnesses, or ex-J-dubs as they are sometimes called, if you have left this organization, there is a personal reason for that. Know now that you are not alone, that there are many who have experienced like events. And know that, yes, 1975 really did happen, if you are too young to have been around for it.

There is information here for everyone, valuable information that will help you make a more informed decision about whether to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, or to remain one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, or to make your getaway now. Either way, for any of the above scenarios, the information and narrative contained in True Tales From the Kingdom Hall – the Armageddon Project is priceless. 

Or, see what others have to say about it first -

Recent comments from readers of The Armageddon Project :

During my 65 years of living and observing, I have seen first hand the segment of the Witness persona which we are exposed. Larry's book paints another perspective. I found the book to be interesting and highly informative. The written dialog between the Larry and Michael is both compelling and real. I enjoyed the book well enough to give some as gifts.- Fred W, Florida

It's always hard for me to read Ex Jehovah's Witnesses' books because they always bring back such bad memories for me due to being born and raised a Witness. This book brought back memories but it also opened my eyes to the fact that every person's experience is different and can be worse than my own....reading the co-author's life experiences made it hard for me to not break down when reading them as he went thru so much as a small child and readily admits that he's never gotten over it to this day. I, too, feel this way. I've been out of the organization (cult) for over 10 years; however, I cannot rid myself of feelings of guilt when doing "normal" everyday things...I've been shunned just as these two fine men were and Larry, if you read this review, I had the EXACT same reaction to being in a church for the first time (also Catholic)...thought I was going to faint and cry and run all at the same time. Scary stuff. This book was a good read and written from an unusual perspective; thru open and honest communication that opened up the mind's hidden memories only to hopefully be "flushed" away. I, too ask "what if"? That we'll never know but these two brave men put it out there for others like myself to see and to realize that there can be a cleansing of sorts; as long as you allow yourself to do so which I feel that they accomplished and will help many others accomplish as well. Thank you, Larry and Michael:) - Rachel C, North Carolina

I have always known there were Jehovah Witnesses in the world, even spent all of my childhood going to school with one. What I didn't know is the horrible events that can come from someone being a JW. It was amazing reading one friend's experiences he dealt with while he was a witness, and what he dealt with after he left. I know much more about the man who I consider a father figure and am very proud of the insightful book he wrote. It was a page turner and I could not put it down. Welcome to their lives...enjoy - Nicole S, Pennsylvania

I have been where they are but not quite to that extent. It is such a shame that they had to be treated as possessions to be cast around at will. Anyone thinking about joining, beware.- Evelyn B, Kansas

Accurate and verifiable 

Everything contained in this e-book can be verified via the Watchtower Society’s own written literature,  as published by them, over the years. 

Think about it... 

Again, If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you are studying to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you are a former Jehovah’s Witness, and/or if you know anyone at all who is involved in any way with the Watchtower Society, I guarantee this e-book will be both valuable and entertaining. I guarantee it will both fascinate and disturb you. 

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True Tales From the Kingdom Hall - the Armageddon Project

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This book can be considered a reference manual, it can be called a novel, it can be called a documentary, it can be called a memoir. It is truly all of these, and more. It is, above all, the TRUTH!

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